Monday, January 23, 2017

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What Is Zero Waste Living?

Zero Waste is a lifestyle choice, a philosophy, a community, a movement…

Zero Waste Living means to not make, or produce as little garbage as possible. In other words Extreme Waste Reduction.

Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle where we buy things that will last while also avoiding single use or low quality items.

This is a common a goal for those on the zero waste journey.

How to reduce waste has become a goal that is sought after with great intensity.

Also, by committing to making mindful purchases that are high quality and long lasting we are sending businesses the message that…

We will no longer stand for this culture of waste.

Changing our consumerist habits can be a challenge for some.

We hope to provide compelling evidence that will support you on this quest to a zero waste life.

In this Zero Waste blog…

We will be sharing some of our favorite Zero Waste products.

And scouring the web for NEW exciting products as well!

We hope to be able to share with you new and innovative ways to help you live a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical life.

Most of all, we hope to form a Zero Waste Community of like minded individuals.

Zero Waste Living isn’t easy but we are here to help!

Many Zero Waste Living Tips Coming Soon!!!

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